Advertisers with Us

Cleveradv,LLC provides online advertising & Affiliate Marketing services such as Lead Generation, Co-registration targeting worldwide traffic on CPM, CPC, CPL and CPA basic. The CPA model (Cost per Action), is the optimal method of buying online advertising because the advertiser defines the Actions they are seeking from a surfer in advance (a sale on the website, a form being filled, a download, etc.) and only pays when that Action occurs. In this model, publishers are encouraged to deliver high quality targeted traffic because they only earn revenue when that Action is generated. We have the experience of lead generation across all verticals and have come to understand that advertisers also have their own set of difficulties, from managing their ROI on ad spends and focusing on lucrative traffic sources to combating fraud. We begin all new advertising partnerships with the mindset of 'what would the advertiser want' and do our utmost to protect their interests. We scan each affiliate and review their past performance before they join us as an affiliate. This helps us get a very strong affiliate base. Through, advertisers have the opportunity to launch their brand into the marketplace and increase returns instantly - ensuring a profitable and lucrative future. If you have any questions please contact us: